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Cheryl is great, hire her!

Long story - We moved away from MA a few years ago and rented the house out. We decided to sell in the summer of 2021. Unfortunately the company managing the property did not meet our expectations and when they listed the property there was essentially no interest (in a flaming hot market). Flew up to see what was going on and learned that the property was FAR from ready to list. This is when I met Cheryl. I had set up appointments with other realtors as well to interview for the job. Cheryl stood out that day due to several factors - she was eager to help, listened to my concerns and interests, and seemed to really want to do what was best for us. Others I spoke to also were quite professional and eager to help but I did not get the sense that they were willing to personally commit their time, energy, and passion as Cheryl did. We hired her. First step was to decide on whether to sell 'as is' and lower the price to attract attention. This was the path recommended by other realtors but Cheryl was willing to consider the 'fix it up' option. This was a big deal as I live in another state and Cheryl agreeing to this path committed her to really be our eyes, hands, and brain on site. She happily agreed to do this and we moved forward. The next few months were busy and required considerable investment of time and money to restore the home to the state that it was when we left. Cheryl opened up her contacts and was able to find and recommend excellent vendors and in particular a contractor she could work with. She established that she could be trusted with both design and financial decisions - checking with us as needed for approvals and generally just took care of everything. I have no idea how many hours she spent on this, but I know it was considerable. She was easy to work with and her advice was reliable - we could bounce options and I have confidence that she was only advocating for the best results for us. The result - After all updates and repairs were done - and within the planned budget I must add, the house looked great - back to how it should have been and a bit better. She staged the property, got great pictures up and finally we set up the listing. Success! Although one could argue that the 'hot' market is to credit, clearly she did something different than when the house was listed during the 'hotter' summer period. Open house attracted a line of people outside. First weekend of listing we had multiple solid offers. This is where the "classic" realtor role kicked in for Cheryl - she had to shepherd us through the process of evaluating and responding to these offers. An exciting but potentially stressful process of course. Her calm and professional approach helped make it seem easy. She provided objective data and advice to consider and in the end we were able to select a buyer and negotiated a price that we were quite pleased with. Between the contract and closing Cheryl stayed on the job - taking care of details I wouldn't have thought of, ensuring that we were comfortable with the communications. Despite the buyer needing a delay to close from the original plan I never really felt concerned - things just got done and we closed successfully. Final comments - I have worked with many real estate agents over the years. Cheryl stands out as one of the best I've ever worked with. She is really customer focused and has the integrity to do what she says she will. Her advice is solid and well reasoned. She is willing to recommend an option that is better for her client even if it means significantly more work on her end.

Mike and Julie H.

Cheryl went above and beyond for us.

She stuck with us throughout our 6 month long home selling/buying process and made it so much easier than it could have been. She coordinated contractors, banks, lawyers, real estate agents, appraisers, inspectors, cleaners and stagers so well that even others we worked with complimented Cheryl and told us we were lucky to have her, which we completely agreed with. Plus, she helped us get 40K under asking price on our purchase and 36K over asking price for our sale. We couldn’t have asked for a better agent. We will certainly be calling Cheryl next time we need a real estate agent. Peter and Madi J.

Peter and Madi J.

Cheryl is professional, thorough, focused, and FUN to work with!

We used Cheryl to sell our home in Wayland, MA during peak sale times earlier this past Spring (2022). While navigating us through a new Septic System replacement, Cheryl provided knowledge, support, and expert advice. Cheryl transformed our home into a beautiful modern display, given the age and condition of our current furnishings. From managing the Open House days, to providing us with excellent recommendations (movers) and negotiating skills on the finance side, we couldn’t have asked for a better partner on this journey. To top the experience off, Cheryl has been guiding us through a new build purchase, and we couldn’t be more happy with the way that project is progressing. My advice: Don’t hesitate, hire Cheryl immediately, we're glad that we did!

Dan N. and Karla B.

Cheryl is an incredible real estate agent who made selling our home smooth, painless and successful.

She provided smart advice throughout the process, took care of important details small and large and secured a great offer that exceeded our expectations. Beyond her professionalism and expertise, Cheryl is also just a great person, someone you want in your corner as you make one of the most important life decisions.

Matt and Sara C.

Cheryl took time to understand our needs and preferences before we embarked on looking at properties.

Her mastery of the local community provided useful insights. We had full confidence in her involvement at each stage and appreciated her timely responses to our communications.

Lydia A

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